COM609 Topics in Embedded Systems

Prof. Taeweon Suh

Fall 2010

Time: Monday (2pm ~ 5pm)

Classroom: 114A Main Building of College of Education

Office hour: After class as needed or by appointment at Lyceum 307


MicroC/OS-II, The Real-Timer Kernel by Jean J. Labrosse, 2nd Edition, CMPBooks, 2002


Operating System Concepts, Abraham Silberschatz, 8th Edition, Wiley, 2009


Operating Systems, Computer Architecture, C & C++ Programming

Spartan-3E Starter Board from Xilinx



08/30: First class meeting

08/30: Assignment #1, due on Sep. 06

08/30: µC/OS-II source code (v2.90) (download it from or here)

09/05: Assignment #2, due on Sep. 13

        µC/OS-II porting instruction to Spartan-3 Starter board (based on Micrium instruction in here)

       • xps project booting uC/OS-II (targeted to Spartan-3 Starter Board)

09/13: µC/OS-II CD

09/13: µC/OS-II port to Linux

        µC/OS-II port to Windows


11/30: Microblaze Programming on Bare Hardware

Class Schedule (Tentative) and Slides


Week Topic Slide Reading Assignment Other Announcement
1: 08/30~09/05 Course Introduction & Embedded Systems Concept

Lec0 Course Intro

Chapter 1  

Lec1 ES vs GP

2: 09/06~09/12 Real-Timer Systems Concept Lec2 Real-Time Systems Chapter 2

Assignment #1 Due

3: 09/13~09/19 Kernel Structure Student Presentation Chapter 3 Assignment #2 Due
4: 09/20~09/26 No Class     Thanksgiving Week
5: 09/27~10/03 Task Management Student Presentation Chapter 4

Assignment #3 Due

6: 10/04~10/10 Time Management Student Presentation Chapter 5

Assignment #4 (Printing out Statistics) Due 

7: 10/11~10/17 Event Control Blocks Student Presentation Chapter 6  
8: 10/18~10/24



Midterm Exam

9: 10/25~10/31 Semaphore Management Student Presentation Chapter 7  
10: 11/01~11/07 Mutual Exclusion Student Presentation Chapter 8  
11. 11/08~11/14 Event Flag Management Student Presentation Chapter 9  
12. 11/15~11/21 Message Mailbox Management Student Presentation Chapter 10  
13. 11/22~11/28 Message Queue Management Student Presentation Chapter 11  
14. 11/29~12/05 Memory Management Student Presentation Chapter 12  
15. 12/06~12/12 Porting uC/OS-II   Chapter 13  
16. 12/13~12/19



Final Exam


For Embedded System Design with XPS (Xilinx Platform Studio), visit Xilinx XUP (Xilinx University Program) website or download the same teaching materials here. Try to finish the lab1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 yourself.


Xilinx Documentations:

Microblaze v7.30.b (pdf)

XPS Interrupt Controller v2.01.a (pdf)

XPS Timer/Counter v1.02a (pdf)

XPS Uartlite (RS232_DCE) v1.01a (pdf)

XPS_GPIO (LEDs_8bit, DIP_Switches_4Bit, Buttons_4Bit) v2.00a (pdf)

Multi-Port Memory Controller (DDR SDRAM) v6.01a (pdf)

LMB BRAM Interface Controller v2.10b (pdf)

Block RAM (BRAM) Block v1.00a (pdf)